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NYASP Bullying Prevention Specialist - Module 3 "Techniques for Intervention"

  • 03 Oct 2013
  • 10:36 AM
  • 31 Aug 2020
  • 11:30 PM
  • Recoded online - Registration open indefinitely


3 hours of NASP approved CPD credits.

The Bullying Prevention Specialist Certification Program is designed to help school psychologists and other education professionals develop an in-depth understanding of the complex nature of bullying and develop strategies to address and stop bullying in the schools. This program provides participants with an introduction to research related to bullying behavior, information, helpful resources, and practical strategies to address bullying in the schools. Specifically, the course offers the following:

  • A working definition of bullying that will be helpful to educators
  • A deeper understanding of bullying behaviors and how they are manifested in schools
  • Review of research related to the problem of bullying
  • Practical ideas and helpful resources that can be used to raise awareness about bullying behaviors
  • Effective strategies for preventing and eliminating bullying in classrooms and schools
  • An introduction to research-supported, anti-bullying programs and resources
  • An understanding of legal requirements related to the Dignity Act legislation in NY

School psychologists, graduate students, and other education professionals will be able to apply this valuable training within the school setting.

The Certificate Program will be offered in four modules recorded online through NYASP’s ProProfs Seminars. Participants may take the course at any time. Each module is approximately two hours in length and should be taken in sequential order. All modules are supplemented by additional reading material. However, modules may be taken individually for those participants that do not want to pursue the Bullying Prevention Specialist Certificate.

Dr. Amanda Nickerson presents Module 3: School-based Interventions

  • Research-based interventions
  • For those engaging in bullying behavior
  • For those targeted by bullying behavior
  • Bystanders to “upstanders”
  • Developmental differences in Interventions
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