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Research Requests

Research Requests

As a member benefit, NYASP can disseminate your research recruitment email to fellow NYASP members.

Should you be interested in submitting your research request to the NYASP Research Committee, please ensure that your NYASP member is up-to-date prior to submitting the following materials.  You can update your membership here: NYASP Membership

  1. A brief summary of the research project, including primary research questions and methodology.
  2. A copy of an approved Institutional Review Board (IRB) form, indicating that your study has been approved for research by your university or school district.
  3. A copy of the letter inviting participants to participate in the study if it is a survey. The letter should identify that there is no foreseeable risk to participants and that they may opt out at any time. The letter should also identify how long the survey will take. If it is not a survey, but rather an invitation to participate in research or solicit the membership to help conduct the research, specific information should be enumerated about the details of such participation.
  4. A copy of the survey to be distributed in a Word document or a PDF. If the survey is electronic, the link to the actual survey must be submitted to the Research Chair for the request to be considered.

Upon receipt of all of the above required materials, the Research Committee will review your request. Upon approval, the Research Committee will schedule a date and time for the recruitment email to be sent to our membership listserv.

Please submit required materials or any research-related inquiries to Jane Wong, Psy.D., Research Chair, at

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